Tumbleweed's almost twice as high power consumption as Manjaro's

I’ve noticed terrible battery life on Tumbleweed comparing to my previous system. Powertop reports roughly 13 W battery discharge rate without any applications launched. In comparison, on Manjaro with the same setup it was 7 W. The setup is a fresh install of KDE Plasma in X session with auto-cpufreq defaults. It reports temperatures of cores about 40 degrees so just like on Manjaro. Only battery discharge rate is higher.

  Info: 6-core model: AMD Ryzen 5 5600H with Radeon Graphics bits: 64
    type: MT MCP cache: L2: 3 MiB
  Speed (MHz): avg: 1556 min/max: 1200/4280 cores: 1: 1200 2: 3300 3: 1200
    4: 1200 5: 3300 6: 1200 7: 1276 8: 1200 9: 1200 10: 1200 11: 1200 12: 1200

Do you have power-profiles-daemon installed? It improves a lot on my laptop.

auto-cpufreq blocks power-profiles-daemon due to conflicts with its functionality so I removed it and started power-profiles-daemon but it doesn’t seem to make any difference sadly

Even with power saving mode?

Also, try running yast online update to install additional stuff your your amd card.

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Did you initially calibrate powertop before a sampling ?

:-# powertop --calibrate

Wait about 15 minutes for it to finish.
Then run it for a sampling.

Here’s mine on a Dell laptop - I ran powertop for about an hour while doing some browsing, editing, watching videos …

PowerTOP 2.15     Overview   Idle stats   Frequency stats...                         
The battery reports a discharge rate of 4.27 W
The energy consumed was 62.7 J
The estimated remaining time is 12 hours, 10 minutes

Unfortunately yes.

Thanks for the suggestion, there was nothing to install. Maybe i should look at Lenovo/AMD forums.

Thanks! Initially, I did not.
I tried now but unfortunately, I do not go below 10 W w/e I do.

Looks like the issue is mainly because of something called “Radio device: ideapad_acpi” which drains half of the energy. I’ll try to find out how it can be fixed but initial search led me here: English Community-Lenovo Community and looks like disabling it might be the only option. What’s weird is that I didn’t even notice this Device existed on Manjaro, so maybe something can be done openSUSE-wise. Idk yet.