Tumbleweed Problem in plymouth & console

Hi everybody.
I have installed tumbleweed from dvd iso file. First problem is that no plymouth theme is displayed , just three green squared dots. I’ve done things like “plymouth-set-default-theme -r” “plymouth-set-default-theme -R openSUSE” “mkinitrd”, installed all plugins and scripts related to plymouth via yast software manager, doing these repeatedly, but still no chance. Indeed I’m using kernel 3.18.1 and 3.14.4. no diffrence…

Second problem. I 'm loving Terminus console fonts, the fonts used for console in ubuntu distro. Installed the package via yast and changing console font via /etc/sysconfig editor, more exactly to “ter-114n”. After finishing system boot, console tty is filled all with garbage characters of that font and typing in it result in other odd characters. tty2 is looking good and have no problem.

Could anybody help me with these.

Good wishes for all in the new year.

That three dots is a plymouth theme, though not the default one.

I am getting three dots on around 75% of my Tumbleweed boots, with the default theme on the other 25%. I’m really not sure why that happens.

That three dots is the textmode theme, it gets shown when graphics cannot be initialized for some reason.

Why this happens on your system sometimes, I have no idea though.

@phenomx64: do you have plymouth-branding-openSUSE installed? If not, the openSUSE theme cannot be shown of course.

Regarding your font problem: is the font part of the initrd? Check with lsinitrd.

I think it’s a bug somewhere, though I’m not sure how to pin it down.

I also have opensuse-li-f-e-13.2 (the education variant) installed on the same box. And it reliably boots to the default plymouth theme every time.

I installed factory on this box around May 29th, and I have been updating it until around December 12. And it reliably boots to the default theme. It is only my more recent Tumbleweed install (installed around Dec 01) where I often don’t see the default plymouth theme.

The fact that it works fine with the other two installs seems to rule out that it is a hardware issue. That’s why I am suspecting a software bug.

Well, the last change to the plymouth package was on November 8th (and the last change to the theme is even older), so I would rule that out.

So in your case maybe a “bug” in the kernel (i.e. the graphics module) or in dracut (it might forget to add a necessary file, unlikely if it doesn’t happen on every boot though).

It looks as if my install was actually Nov 09 (not the Dec 01 that I previously guessed). I’m looking at timestamps on directories such as “/var” (and at “/home” underlying mount point).

The “bug” is probably something in a configuration file that is not updated with regular updates. And perhaps I installed at a bad time where there was a buggy configuration in factory.

Hm. The only configuration for plymouth that I am aware of is /etc/plymouth/plymouthd.conf which mainly specifies the theme to use.
This has to be in the initrd as well, together with the specified theme and other necessary things of course.

But if something would be wrong there, it should not work on every boot, I’d suppose.

I’m guessing it is something in the dracut configuration which somehow make graphics initialization unreliable.

I shouid have added that the root file system is in an encrypted LVM. But that’s also true of the factory system installed last May, where I am not seeing this.

In any case, this is minor and nothing that actually bothers me.

Yes, i have plymouth-branding-openSUSE installed.
and about the font problem , answer is yes. I have it in initrd.

For sure it’s not a hardware issue,because plymouth worked fine on my 13.2 distro (not tumbleweed). I think it’s not related to the kernel too, because with every version of kernel (greater than 3.17) i had this problem. I think it’s a bug in dracut. It’s just my think.