TUMBLEWEED: Plex and Ouya

Hi all,

Recent openSUSE install (converted to Tumbleweed) and I have so far been able to get just about everything up and running… funny how the hardest thing thus far has been network related (coming from Ubuntu everything typically just worked but I needed to do some work to get Samba and my network printer sorted).

My current issue is getting the Plex media server I am running to be seen by my Ouya console without me having to completely stop my firewall. I have added additional allowed ports via the Yast Firewall GUI - thus far I have added 1900 1917 32400:32469 5353 for both UDP and TCP (from various threads I have found with the same or similar issues) and can see the server from a Windows machine if I specify the IP address but when the firewall is up my server and the Ouya don’t see each other in the Plex app.

I don’t know what else to open for uPnP/DLNA etc?! Any assistance in figuring this out would be greatly appreciated!


Do I understand correctly that you use Tumbleweed? Then why do you not post in the Tumbleweed forum where your fellow Tumbleweed users are?

Hi hcvv…

I did see that there was a dedicated Tumbleweed section but I didn’t think this problem is a “Tumbleweed” problem but me not knowing what to do network wise. If you feel it should be moved to the Tumbleweed section could you please move it (or point me towards the method of getting this done)?


Well, many people who do not run Tumbleweed will (like me) not realy dig deep in your problem because their primary idea will be that they are not sure what might be different in Tumbleweed. So even if, in the end, the problem shows to be version independent, I still think that your fellow Tumblweed users are the better audience (allthough some of them show up here also, but I guess there are more there).

And of course the Tumbleeweed forum was created specialy for the Tumbleweed users. Would be a bit strange when they then post their problems elsewhere :slight_smile:

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