Tumbleweed occasionally does not boot on Dell XPS laptop

Every now and then TW gets stuck during the boot of my Dell XPS laptop, the little rotating freezes and nothing happens (see attached photo). I have to reboot it and it works on a second attempt, however this morning I had to reboot 3 times until a successful boot. Can anybody please help me identify the problem?

Failing hardware? I had this on a system. The number of “fails” vs. the number of “succeeds” increased over time. Now that system will not boot from anything (internal disk, USB connected mass-storage) any more. :frowning:

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Boot with plymouth.enable=0 and without quiet on kernel command line. Then post photo of the screen when messages stop to scroll.

This is scary and might be happening to me. As I said, usually it happened rarely and I only had to reboot once, but today it froze three times in a row before I was able to boot.

Thank you! I added those arguments via /etc/default/grub, and will post the logs next time it freezes.