Tumbleweed now Logs into wrong DE

Hello, thanks in advance- using KDE: since last reboot due to updates- on reboot my DE logs direct to Gnome. I can logout and switch, but it always reboots to gnome. How do I make it remember the last DE used and log direct to that (KDE)?
Secondly, I see many options for KDE now- IIRC KDE plasma, KDE Wayland & KDE partial wayland. Is there a “best” option to boot into. I am booting into plasma. Again, thanks for any help.
JOhn Kilbert

I can’t remember the last time someone posted what you’re describing…
But I’d guess that if you changed your DM and WM to what KDE normally uses, that’d be enough to tweak your configuration to load KDE instead (might require one logout and login)

To select a DM, you do it now with the alternatives system, run the following and select “lightdm”

update-alternatives --config default-displaymanager

At the moment, I’ve forgotten what KDE prefers for its WM, but it probably shouldn’t be gdm which is what you’re likely configured to use now. Run the following and configure your WM similar to above

update-alternatives --config default-xsession.desktop