Tumbleweed - Move to x86-64-v2 (plus mitigation plan and call for help)

Hi All
Just a heads up for all the old systems in use (eg V1 cpu’s and x86 [32bit])


Things will be changing.

You can check via;

/lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 --help


inxi -aC

Thanks for the heads-up.
That’s probably bad news if you use a Brother printer/scanner, a lot of them require some 32bit packages.

I am one of those.But I found this workaround might help when it happens.
I am going to put the link here for future reference.

Thanks. After checking the mailing list, I was able to get my printer working via IPP. So I should be covered.

This is a bad idea. Actively maintained 32-bit packages should remain in the main repository for those who use bleeding edge computers with peripherals that only have 32-bit drivers. When it comes to Linux, this is most desktop Linux users and this proposed change would likely break most of those user’s computers.

Please read the announcement again:

To become Old Factory* for users of legacy systems, we will introduceopenSUSE:Factory:Intel, the same setup we have for ports like ARM,PowerPC, zSystems, RISCV.This repo will build packages for x86-64 (v1) plus i586, so basicallywhat the current openSUSE:Factory repository does.
Users who can’t migrate to V2 and i586 users: The repository list will need to be updated away from download o.o/tumbleweed/repo/oss to something like download.o.o/ports/intel/tumblewed/repo/oss

That means all the people with their ancient machines (from a museum) only need to change their repo and all is good for the next years…

Can someone rehash this and eli5? I run a 3rd gen i5 and a dual core Pentium E5300.

Uuuh, what?

I run old computers. How does this affect my computers. Imma a idjiot

There has been a change of plan since this was first announced, a reprieve for the moment, other options are being considered.

See this post https://marc.info/?l=opensuse-factory&m=167051695413689 from Dominique Leuenberger on the factory mailing list.