Tumbleweed login screen wallpaper.

Why is it that the openSUSE logo in the tumbleweed’s login screen
background was placed inside the washroom(toilet)?
Any idea/reason why?:?

I’ve been looking for this washroom (toilet) for two days, so I do not have to get up from the Computer chair, but I still do not find it, make a Screen of this, otherwise my nice answer will remain as such

This is what I am referring to.
This one came out in one of the snapshot when I zypper dup.

Good eyes. I guess the gecko is “house broken rotfl!

Yep, made me chuckle when I noticed this.The artist has a good humor I guess.

You have a hawk’s eye, I had not even noticed the map of the house around the chameleon rotfl!

There are toilets both to the right and left of Geko and the logo, in fact, all over the image, take a look at the top.

It’s kind of funny, but from an OpenSuse marketing perspective, what’s the message that is being communicated here?

Just learned it’s the floorplan of SUSE’s Prague office.

… that if you use openSUSE, you do not have to spend a long, long time waiting in a long line.