Tumbleweed Konsole default profiles

My Tumbleweed installation has no default Konsole application profiles. When I first opened the konsole application I created a profile that was saved in ~/.config/konsolerc. It now opens when I open konsole but I would prefer the profiles that were previously provided as defaults in new Tumbleweed installations. How can I get them? To be complete, I reinstalled konsole but no default profiles were provded in the reinstallation

Normally, the konsole profiles are saved in


Have you looked there?

Just looked at ~/.local/share/. There is no konsole directory there. Sorry, first time in this new forum and don’t know how to include ls -l for ~/.local/share

For completeness let me say I find a script in /usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.konsoleprofiles/contents/ui
that may be what I want but how di I run it?

Just use the “</>”-button in the forum editor:

> ls -la ~/.local/share/konsole
total 12
drwx------  2 x users 4096 Aug  8  2021 .
drwx------ 54 x users 4096 Dec 23 16:56 ..
-rw-------  1 x users  153 Aug  8  2021 Profil 1.profile

You might find this and this link helpful.

Start a konsole session.

Near the top right of the screen, there are three horizontal lines. Some folk call that a “hamburger menu”. Click on that.

One of the choices should be: Create new profile.
Click on that.

You will see a screen to configure your new profile. It will have a name “Profile 1” but you can change that. Below the name field, there is a box with the label “Default profile”. Check that box.

Click “Okay” near the bottom. That will save your new profile. It will actually be the system default profile, except with a name “Profile 1”.

Clicked the triple line. There was no Create new profile but found a Manage Profiles option. Clicked on that and found a New Profile option in the pop-up. Selected that, and followed your instructions. I now have a new profile labled Default profile. Thanks. Also thanks for pointing out the “</>” text option.

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