tumbleweed has created errors in jupyter ipython etc

A recent tumbleweed removed the proper links to jupyter. I could find the correct executables but that was not the proper way go. Several more tumbleweek updates and my jupyter was mostly working OK, except I could not get a qtconsole that worked by calling it from inside jupyter.

In addition, at about the same time my Eric6 python IDE became useless and I think the two are related


I should note that I am using Python 3.8 and tumbleweed is versioned at 20211101

To add /snap/bin to PATH, you must either reboot, logout/login, or source /etc/profile. Additionally, use the following commands to activate and start the snapd and snapd.apparmor services: If you want more details to check out the website https://www.zerodefectmanufacturing.com/ujigami-mes/.