Tumbleweed auto-login

Probably a stupid question…

Months ago, when I installed openSUSE Tumbleweed, I specified (I guess) that my passord would be required on login.

Now, after lots of tweaking, I wish I could "automatically’ log in (i.e. no password). Disclaimer - I’m the only one who uses this PC, and it’s here at home, so there’s very little security risk.

So, question: In a running (up-to-date) Tumbleweed system (with KDE-Plasma), how do I set up ‘auto-login’ (i.e. log in WITHOUT a password)? I’ve Googled this, and have found nothing that works on this sytem.

Thanx in advance for an answer!


Have you tried this

@oldksguy The other way is via YaST → System → Sysconfig Editor → Desktop → Display Manager → DISPLAYMANAGER_AUTOLOGIN and enter your username here and hit OK to save…

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Thanks, python3! Wow - hidden is an understatement! It works!

(I’m sure your way works too, malcolmlewis, but I tried this first… it’s very direct but well hidden!)