Tumbleweed and GNOME Integration

With new packages being rolled into Tumbleweed as they are stabilized, do you ever get the same GNOME / DE integration as you do with time based releases, where they have more time to further integrate the environment?

The GNOME DE is staged/tested and stabilized before it gets into Tumbleweed. See GNOME:NEXT repository for the real bleeding edge and helping with the testing :wink:

I was more wondering if the GNOME integration in Tumbleweed will ever be as tightly integrated as say Fedora’s GNOME implementation? Or any other distro that has a tightly integrated desktop environment.

Is there a Fedora rolling release like Tumbleweed?

I have no idea about Fedora so can’t comment, I know that I have no issues with it’s integration with the current releases, every now and again there are hiccups, but nothing has stopped working for me…

I agree that overall, GNOME is pretty nice under Tumbleweed. But, at least for me, the small subtle things make the difference. Things that don’t really make a big difference, but it just adds a nice touch. Like with Fedora, if you are running a command in the terminal, but the focus is not on the terminal at the moment, you will get a notification that your command/operation has finished. And I know this wouldn’t apply directly to openSUSE, but when there’s an issue with SELinux, Fedora open’s SELinux Troubleshooting, and offers suggestions, and you can even file bug reports from within the app, etc… It’s just little integrated features like that, that makes the GNOME experience that much better. I was just wondering if you ever see integration like that in a rolling release, the way you do in time based releases such as Fedora?

Interesting, might be time to head to openFATE and suggest…