Tumble weed ran updates, now gdm fails

Applied updates, it asked to restart and install. FYI: just using the default repo’s for tumbleweed, nothing extra.

It restarted and now gdm is broke.

 OK ] Started session c73 of user gdm.
 OK ] Started Process Core Dump (PID 3614/UID 0).
 OK ] Removed slice User Slice of gdm.
 OK ] Ceated slice User Slice of gdm.
[FAILED] Failed to start User Manager for UID 464.
See 'systemctl status user@464.service' for details.

This just repeats over and over.

i tried to uninstall gnome and resinstall, that didn’t fix anything.

Is the easiest fix to use yast2 snapper and revert back to the snapper snapshot when the updates were ran?

It’s my primary computer so a fast fix would be great… I can’t seem to find anyone else experiencing this except on arch and ubuntu forums. Most of them fix it by switching to lxdm, which is fine but it’s not a fix, it’s a work around. So is just reverting to the snapshot but i need my computer lol.*

ATI Graphics card. i see alot of posts about issues with Nvidia

Yes, it is probably a graphics issue.

At one time, I did have a computer with an ATI card, and that gave problems.

I had a not-quite-as-old computer with Nvidia graphics, but it died last year. GDM would run on that with the nouveau driver, but not with the nvidia driver. And SDDM didn’t like either.

You might be able to get it working with “nomodeset” on the boot (kernel) line.

What exactly does that mean?
Please show the output of:

 > zypper lr -E -d

 > cat /etc/os-release 

That sounds like you used the desktop’s update applet.

Try to run “zypper dup” instead, maybe it finds further “updates”.

I’m new to tumbleweed, longtime Leap user… never had an issue with the yast software manager doing updates on leap so i assumed the same was true for tumbleweed.

It’s what popped up so I allowed it to install updates.

I actually just used snapper to revert and I’m back in. Unfortunately i didn’t have time to really investigate and learn something new.