tsocks or other ssh tunnel/proxy method

Is tsocks available in some repository for opensuse? Searching tsocks in zypper comes up with nothing. I’m trying to use wget via ssh tunnel and it seems like tsocks is the easiest way to accomplish this. If someone has an alternate method, feel free to share. Thanks.

It’s not what you asked, but you can use “firefox” via an ssh tunnel. I do that from time to time. The socks support is built into “firefox”.

Yes, I use firefox via ssh whenever I’m using public wifi, I was just trying to get wget to use the tunnel as well but it’s not as straightforward. tsocks is supposed to be easy to setup and use for this purpose, as well as getting other applications to use a tunnel, but apparently it is not available in the repositories. That, or I just need to know which repository it might be in.

If you do a search for “tsocks” at software.opensuse.org, it does show up. Somebody has build for their own use, using OBS (open build service), and made it available. You can take your chances. Treat it as an unofficial unsupported package.

I have not tried it, but I did do the search to see that it is there for 13.1

Been a long time, but I’ve used stunnel in the past as a universal “wrap any protocol”