Trying to play ALAC in 11.4 GNOME 64-bit...

I can get ALAC (.m4a) to play through xine in Amarok in KDE just fine, but is there a way to play ALAC in GNOME? I been at this for an entire day. The packman repos (German ones by the way, Austria and US mirriors are down) did not do anything. I really wish Clementine supported xine. I actually installed Amarok on GNOME and the .m4a files actually played, however, there is no audio. I remember installing Fedora a few years ago with GNOME and got ALAC to play in Banshee just fine… though I guess that is not really relevant. Please help.

By the way, I am intent on using GNOME in this instance as this particular laptop is a bit older FYI. KDE seems a just bit sluggish in comparison, thnxxx.

I just downloaded Audacious, and it plays ALAC just fine. Though I really wish I could use another player because that one is very plain. It’s just a rectangle with no browser, art, etc…

I think it should be possible to use AmaroK to play .m4a on Gnome. One way should be to install xine packages pluss the phonon backend, then make sure phonon uses the xine backend and not the gstreamer one.

I would also believe that gstreamer ‘should’ play those files as ffmpeg holds the codecs for it, but there have been some changes/errors with gstreamer-ffmpeg lately.

Audacious has some additional features available as plug-ins: lyrics, art, visualisation, scrobbling mm