Trying to install Suse but installer corrupts screen graphically and is unusable

i’ve tried both the gnome and kde installers and initially it boots fine to the first menu, but if i then select ‘installation’ or even try to boot to the live cd, the screen goes blank and then reappears as something that looks like the static on your television if you’re trying to tune it in.

if you let it continue to boot, then it goes blank again and comes back with a different corrupted screen, but this time you have a white block in the middle that is apparently the mouse point as i can then move it around.

i’ve tried it in VESA mode and even text mode and the same thing happens. the installation media checks out fine, and my graphics card is brand new - a Radeon 3650 HD.

I might try an older version of suse and try and upgrade from there but if anyone has any ideas i’d be most grateful. thanks.

Try with nomodeset typed in the line that is shown on the boot screen.

that worked fine, thankyou very much.

I managed to install and set up Gnome 3 but now the top menu bar is glitching - it’s half black, half white split vertically. I’ll have to try the same command when i boot up normally.

It is quite possible that that is cured when doing the *nomodeset. *But it is only a by-pass. You should not need it and for that you need he propper graphics card driver. I am not the right one to ask that. Thus either wait for another one that knows about the Radeon 3650 HD. Or, when nobody shows up within say a day 9give everybody around the globe a chance), then start a new thread with the name of the hardware in the title. Something like “Which driver for Radeon 3650 HD” and describe what yoy did to by-pass until now.