Trying to find a tool to do n-upping a pdf document


looking for an application to do n-upping a pdf document

Tried pdfjam and it can certainly do the job, but PDFjam depends on a working installation of (pdf)LaTex.
Installing pdfjam (approximately 111.5 KB) pulls in texlive (approximately 1GB) as a dependency.

So suggestion or recommendations anyone ?

I’ve never done this,

But a quick Google search of “pdf imposition” returns several hits… This is the more broad name of the type of pdf operations you want to execute on pdf documents. You’ll return tools that do not just 'n-upping" but many other things… but generally speaking all will do n-upping.

You may want to add keywords like free, open source, recommended, and more to narrow down results.

Note that like many other pdf apps/operations, some enterprising people have deployed online services so you don’t have to install on your machine.


Another thought…

I don’t think that the popular LaTex system is that large (at least not a gigabyte in size).
Although you won’t likely find any hits with the search keywords I suggested earlier, you’ll find several tutorials if you Google “pdf imposition latex”

In other words, maybe you won’t have a ready set of scripts all packaged up for you, but the scripts to do this using LaTex aren’t likely hard to find or create and use.


Another follow-up, you might read the following

From that,
You will know that “tex live” is installing everything, including the kitchen sink. You will lack for nought.

But, if you don’t need <everything> then installing something like LaTex might provide you with the subset that provides you what you want now without everything else.