Troubleshooting Minimserver Media Server on Leap 15.3

I have installed MinimServer on a Leap 15.3 system which is the multimedia server component in a music system. The data, usually flac or mp3 files is stored on the same computer and is served over the lan.
The sound is played by renderers, in this case a Linn Majik device and the system is controlled by an app on an S6 phone.

This arrangement has worked well for many years with the minimserver serving from a NAS but while the NAS is down for servicing I wish to get the system up and running on a computer.

This has been much more difficult than I expected, particularly as both NAS and computer are running Linux although different versions and in my case it has taken a couple of days to get any glimmer of functionality.

Minimserver is running and is serving the data.
The control point can see the minimserver libraries with the data.
The control point can see the renderer.
After many restarts with different sequences of turning on these devices and the several switches between them, today I have been “able” to enqueue and play an album, except that it does not play and the selected tracks jump around at random and frequent intervals.
I understand that the underlying principles involve the use of multicast techniques and that these are notoriously difficult to troubleshoot.
Can anybody please advise how I should start sorting this out?

While hoping for a reply I repeated the restart exercise, following Simon’s troubleshooting advice

It sometimes helps to power off all network devices and power them on again in this order:

  1. The router (then wait 5 minutes)
  2. Any other switches or wireless access points (if you have them)
  3. The NAS or other device running MinimServer (then wait 5 minutes)
  4. The renderer (then wait 3 minutes)
  5. The control point (iPad, iPhone, etc.)


This time around I have sound and a working system.