Trouble install openSuse in Hyper-V

Hello everybody. I have a problem installing openSuse 12.2(and 12.1 too) into Hyper-V client on Windows 8. After welcome screen, if I click any button, I have such thing:

From your screenshot it looks like you’re not installing, you’re running a LiveCD.

So I don’t know exactly what you’re doing but here is a smattering of basics hoping at least one will address what you’re not doing right…

Typically, if you run a LiveCD in a VM, you have to configure the VM to point either to a physical CDROM/DVDROM or a virtual CDROM to an ISO image. This also means that you need to configure some kind of virtual hard drive, even if it’s an empty “placeholder.”

You cannot run a LiveCD or an image of a LiveCD as a hard drive because the data is laid out very differently for each, a hard drive is a random access block device while an optical device lays the data sequntially in a long spiral. And, just because a device is virtual makes no diff, emulation is done to make the virtual device appear like a real device.


Unfortunately I have the same window, if I click installation button or other. Configuration for Hyper-Vis basic (1 vCPU,2048Gb RAM, virtual disk about 30 Gb, Legacy Network Adapter + LiveCD ISO of openSUSE). In such config it works great with installation ISOs of SLES 11,CentOS and Ubuntu LiveCD. But exact in such config it crashes in openSUSE for at least already 3 versions(!). There was some info in google about this black window, smth connected with NUMA configuration, but I tries it also. I didn’t try DVD, try to reply when download it.


I’ve got the exact same thing here with the KDE version on

  • Toshiba notebook
  • Windows 8
  • HyperV
  • different memory (512, 2048)
  • different hdd configurations (physical memory stick, virtual disk, non)
  • dvd image mounted on IDE

I’m not sure what i’m looking at here…

On 05/10/2013 12:46 AM, realbart wrote:
> I’m not sure what i’m looking at here…

since i know openSUSE installs fine in (for example) Oracle’s
VirtualBox (and many other VMs) running in SLES, Red Hat, AIX,
Solaris and other enterprise operating systems, i have to guess
that you will need to seek solutions from the maker/forums of your
host and VM…

that is not to say that you are now welcome to hang out here and see
if a Hyper-V guru happens along…

openSUSE®, the “German Engineered Automobile” of operating systems!

On 05/10/2013 08:18 AM, dd wrote:
> that is not to say that you are now welcome

sorry, that should read: “that is not to say that you are NOT welcome”

you ARE welcome to hang out here and hope a Microsoft expert in Win8
and HyperV comes through. . .


I’m not looking to blaim anyone. It’s just the combination of OpenSUSE and HyperV on Windows 8 on a Toshiba laptop.
Virtualbox is s.l.o.w. on windows 8. Really.

What I ment with “I don’t know what I’m looking at” is just that.
The black windows with “data” en “prog” is obious some error reporting/debugging thing in openSuse, to be displayed when anything goes wrong.
I just want to find out WHAT goes wrong.

Is there a way to further diagnose this?

Maybe something from HyperV I never saw this in openSUSE

On 05/14/2013 07:36 PM, realbart wrote:
> I’m not looking to blaim anyone.

and, i’m not looking to shift blame from or to anyone…

> It’s just the combination of OpenSUSE
> and HyperV on Windows 8 on a Toshiba laptop.

and, Toshiba is not known to be the laptop which is most happy with
openSUSE (or any Linux)

> Virtualbox is s.l.o.w. on windows 8. Really.

which is one of these:

  1. a VirtualBox problem
  2. a Win8 problem
  3. a VirtualBox running in Win8 problem

but i have no idea which because i’m not, and there are really few
Win8 gurus around here…

whichever (or those three, or other, problems) it is: get that
problem solved, and then try installing openSUSE from known good

if you still have problems you might try some other (any other) Linux
distro and see how that goes…

note: knowing so little as i do about Windows i must say that others
here may have a different opinion–but, i have stated mine.


I can confirm that OpenSUSE 12.3 KDE, 32 bit installs on HyperV Windows 8.1 with little trouble. In my case, I generally took defaults to during setup. Setting for VM are: 2048 RAM, single CPU, synthetic network driver (non-legacy), IDE controller, disk VHDX set to 127GB. The integration services of HyperV work and are detected by HyperV manager as needing an update, but otherwise they work. UI is very responsive and similar to a Win8 VM it appears so far. The only thing I’ve not figured out is how to adjust the display beyond 800x600 in HyperV, and to get remote desktop working (RDP).
I hope this helps.

I can confirm that OpenSUSE 13.1 installed w/ no issues on Windows 8.1 HyperV. HyperV manager indicates that the Integration Services are out of date, but completely functional it appears. I’ve not found any updates to the integration services for OpenSUSE yet beyond that installed by the distribution. The only issues I’ve noticed is that although HyperV dynamic memory support works, 13.1 only expands up to the Startup RAM setting, and not the Maximum RAM value. Performance appears nominal too.