Triple-Monitor possible?


I’m thinking about a triple-monitor solution and would be interested if sax2 does support three screens with xinerama? I got nvidia graphics cards, but I try to avoid the nvidia configuration application, because it usually messes my wacom mapping up. So that’s why it would be good to know if I can configure triple-screens either in sax2 or in xorg.conf directly (without messing up my wacom mappings;).



It is possible, but your mileage may vary, depending on your hardware. Example of Xinerama appraoch:

Tri-head Xinerama

AFAIU, you can achieve a similar result with XrandR. However, AFAIU, the monitors need to be connected to one device if you want a single virtual screen. I would google around, and try to get a handle on multi-head xorg.conf setup, then configure manually.

Some useful links:

Multiple Screens Using XRandR - openSUSE Xinerama and RandR sigh -

Hmm… I don’t get it runnning on triple screen configuration. Sax doesn’t seem to support triple screens natively so I used the nVidia configuration utility. I enabled the third monitor and restarted X and then I got this like in the image attached. I can drag my windows on first and second screen, but not on the third one. On the second and third one I cannot open context menu by right-clicking on desktop. Do you have any idead how I can get this running?

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