Is there a compiled version of Delft’s University of Technology software “Tribler” available for openSUSE 13.2? Zypper couldn’t find it. There is a version for Ubuntu on and they offer the free source for download.

Thanks in advance.

I grabbed the latest 6.4.0 source from github and will see about building a test package for you…

That’s very kind of you. Thanks!

There is a bit of work involved and some extra things to build, may take a few days…

while we’re waiting for a build did you try alien?
Depending on how the deb was compiled you might get it to work via alien

after you install alien you can convert the deb to rpm via
#alien -r tribler_6.4.0_all.deb
then install it with rpm
#rpm -i tribler_6.4.0_all.rpm

seeing how this is a python application the alien package should work if you have all the necessary python libs installed.

So, at present can’t get it to work because of (patents) looks like someone using fedora is looking at it…

atm I’m on a win box and I can’t test it, but from that bug report it seams the problem is m2crypto, it seams on Fedora it was compiled without elliptic curves, is the same true for openSUSE?
come without elliptic curves?