Transparency with transset-df on OpenBox


I’ve just switch from debian to Leap and I am new in Openbox, I am following a tutorial to set up OpenBox in openSUSE, but it’s for the 13.1version and I am running Leap.
The thing is that to set up transparency, it needs xcompmgr, transset-df and nitrogen, but I can’t find a version of transset-df for Leap :’(
So i’ve tried to download the source here, but it hasn’t worked because I don’t have xcomposite, xdamage and xrender, sadly I can’t find a package for them…
So I have a few questions for you,
Why transset-df isn’t available on leap ?
Is it safe to compile xcomposite, xdamage, xrender and then transset-df ?
Any other way to zccomplish the same without transset-df ? (and preferably with something compatible with Leap)

Thank you

Have a look at compton
It is available in the opensuse repositories.

You can google for tuts in using compton as a starter
after installing it.

Compton doesn’t need transset-df ?