Transmission setup...


I’m having ‘trouble’ with Transmission…I say ‘trouble’ because its not really trouble.

I think its reserving a lot of bandwith, without using it. That is my experience with it. Of course I don’t really know how it works. But it seems like its behaving this way. Firefox slows to a crawl when Transmission is running. So does the Software Manager. My dad was just in, asking me if I hogged up all the bandwidth. I think I was doing some 70Kbit download and 30Kbit upload.

I’m not sure how big a line we have here, but I’ve seen the package manger download with some 500+ kbit/sec.

I haven’t done any setup whatsoever on Transmission, because I find all that with ports to be very confusing. So maybe its its just a setup ‘problem’?

This is the output of “rpm -qa ‘transmission’”


All bittorrent will require some kind of setting up. Opening the ports in the suse firewall and forwarding the same in your router. Not doing this would actually make your download speed rubbish and would actually solve the issue you are writing about. Does that make sense.

So it sounds like your bittorrent is setup OK, maybe. But if your software comes down at the speed you quote, so should good active torrents.

if you cut the upload speed to 25 that may help, particularly if the 30 you quote is close to your given MAX.