Transactional server very rarely shuts down instead of rebooting

I have a server that is running Leap 15.2 transactional server.

Very rarely (once every few months) after automatically installing updates instead of rebooting it shuts down.

The only clue I could find in logs is “systemd[1]: Received SIGINT.” The only thing close to my problem I could find on the Internet is this: but there’s no solution.

Do you have any ideas how to even approach this?

It is possible that some script that runs during update sends SIGINT to the wrong process by mistake. Try to analyze what packages were updated when this happened.

Oh, false alarm. This time something went wrong with initrd creation during update. I mean it’s still bad, but not the issue I described. I too quickly just assumed it happened, before actually checking it.

Case closed for now. I’ll get back to it if it ever happens again.