Traffic monitoring and prioritizing

When i run either zoom or jitsi i want them to get like 95% or so of my total bandwidth. And similarly when i run rsync via bash script.

Meanwhile i want my backup procedures, rsync via backuppc, or duplicacy or duplicati, to drop to a low percentage if my connection gets busy with other traffic, or use a high percentage if my connection goes quiet otherwise.

Also i don’t mind that my neighbor family uses my wifi but i want to retain priority when they’re all hitting heavily streaming and downloading and whatnot.

And i’d like to be able to look at some kind of monitoring about what’s actually happening.

As of a few years ago i might have directed my attention to “tc”, “nmap”, and “iptables”, are those depricated now, or still available in tumbleweed, or what instead? i still use a homebrew iptables script on some ubuntu focal VMs, tho haven’t yet tried to bring it over to tumbleweed. i have yet to learn anything about ebtables or ufw, are they more powerful? or dumbed-down?

i would greatly appreciate mentions of specific tools, network design thoughts, and relevant insights towards what’s possible and what’s sensible. There’s lots to read on these topics, i would appreciate pointers and links to the more useful places to spend my attention. Stuff goes out of date far more quickly than google gets around to demoting it. Also i’d be happy to hear suggestions if there are better places to post this question.

i’ve got a fiber connection with centurylink, downstream and upstream both 1000 Mbps according to the actiontec c3000a modem. The c3000a has some rudimentary monitoring and whatnot, but i might want to reroute everything through either a linux or perhaps a pfsense box, specific recommendations most welcome, thanks!

Yes, they are still available.

I’m basically clueless about this topic at all, but I remember watching this video a while back to start getting my head around it. Not sure if it’s too basic or not quite what you are going after, but hopefully it does help in some way:

Thank you, good reference! Thanks arvidjaar too…

By the way if interested to see how i routed all my LAN-WAN traffic through a tumbleweed box so i can use iftop, tc, and iptables, see Dhcp server in tumbleweed

fwiw google speed test says 200 Mbps up&down, a more likely measure, and iftop says typical video streams are a fairly tiny fraction of that.

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