Traffic monitor for networkmanager

I installed on Opensuse 11.0 with networkmanager the UMTS modem Huawei E220 and it works out of the box. In networkmanager I have no way to monitor the traffic amount (I pay on a data exchange basis)

Any advice on software to monitor the traffic via networkmanager on ppp0 link?

Maybe knemo will do

If that doesn’t work then you can put a script in /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/


case "$2" in
      /usr/bin/vnstat -u -i eth0
      /usr/bin/vnstat -u -i eth0
      exit 0

You’ll have to install vnstat same warnings it is on OBS so consider disabling the repo after install or removing completely.

On first run after install you have to vnstat-create-db interface my example using eth0 you can also use a nick alias man vnstat. With that in the dispatcher.d folder you have to make sure it is executable, now it’ll run on up and down updating the database. If you suspend to disk then I suspect sync maybe better, well either way I also suspect rather than just updating you want enable and disable…

My example is just that an example…

Running vnstat as user will give you the stats as user, so from here you could present it better. Kdialog maybe for example…

I’m using gnome so there is no link to run KDE monitor and so I don’t know how to run knemo (I downloaded ti with all the necessay KDE stuff)

knemo has to be enabled somewhere in the network settings. I used it in the past with kde3 but not now.
I don’t know if it will work in gnome, but I can’t see why not.