Touchpad stops working

I’m in a fresh install of latest Tumbleweed build (20230705) with KDE. All packages are up to date. My device is a MSI Prestige 14H B12UCX with a dual boot with Win11 (I installed everything today, first Windows now I was setting up openSUSE). What happens is that the touchpad only works for 5 seconds or so in the login screen (even if I stay there, it just stops responding), then does not work at all. The touchpad is fine and works perfectly in Windows and also in the time frame said earlier.
I found some older posts here with similar issues but weren’t much helpfull. The touchpad seems to be detected by system (I can even change the settings in System Preferences) but simply doesn’t respond. When installing windows I had to do all the process with a mouse cause touchpad didn’t work either until I installed the drivers.
Any ideas? Thank you

Check systemsettings → hardware → input devices → touchpad (maybe translation differs a little bit as i don’t want to change locale atm…)
There is a setting to disable touchpad when typing…

Have you investigated the BIOS settings? Upgrading the BIOS may also be an option.

FWIW, here’s a similar thread (author using Manjaro), where the problem apparently presents itself when the charger is removed from the laptop…

I’ll check the charger scenario to see if it is the same problem. I’ll give an update

Let me check, put it doesn’t work in any moment once it stops responding

  1. KDE has an option which disables the touchpad when a mouse is detected.

  2. You may check the journal for messages:

thinkbook:~ # journalctl --dmesg _KERNEL_SUBSYSTEM=hid 
Jul 02 13:36:24 thinkbook kernel: hid-generic 0018:0488:1014.0001: input,hidraw0: I2C HID v1.00 Mouse [MSFT0005:00 0488:1014] on i2c-MSFT0005:00
Jul 02 13:36:25 thinkbook kernel: hid-multitouch 0018:0488:1014.0001: input,hidraw1: I2C HID v1.00 Mouse [MSFT0005:00 0488:1014] on i2c-MSFT0005:00
thinkbook:~ # 

The OP mentioned that this occurs even before the plasma session is started, (at the display-manager login screen).

This is what happens, I have the laptop pluged-in and the touchpad works perfectly. I’ll try the EC udpate to see if there’s any luck

Plugged in, before power-up??

Or, after power up and logged, you plug it in??

Ok, so that matches a comment in this reedit thread where by a tech had noted that some touchpad devices were sensitive to voltage changes in the laptop. Anyway, I assume that the laptop is still under warranty?

I’ve checked but doesn’t seem like a hardware problem to me, with Win11 works without any issue or interruption in all scenarios. I’m wating for reply (if there’s any) on the MSI forum post to see if the Manjaro was also using KDE and I’ll try (not install) other distro/desktop environment to see if the issue remains

This does not seem desktop related, as you reported the problem happened even while the display-manager login screen was active. Good luck with finding the underlying cause. (As you already verified, the problem does not seem evident when the laptop is plugged in to mains power.)

The KDE applet managing the touchpad is a moving target. However it relies on udev:

 6700k:~ # grep -lr touchpad /etc/udev /usr/lib/udev
6700k:~ # 

Users may enable debug and poke further using journalctl -b -u systemd-udevd.service.

This has nothing to do with KDE though. Read the opening post again.

If it just doesn’t work on battery, the first thing that comes to my mind is energy saving misconfiguration. Do you have tlp running on the laptop?
If so, make sure power-profiles-daemon is not installed, disable the tlp systemd service and reboot to check whether that might be the reason.

In case it is working properly afterwards I would try to fix the tlp configuration.

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Well, did some testing with other images that had around. With a Ubuntu 22.04 didn’t had issues but with Zorin Core 16.2 was the opposite case: the touchpad not responding while the laptop was on AC. Got more stability with Mint (Cinnamon), working without issues, but when I updated to 21.1 then the touchpad stops working like 30 seconds after login (already in desktop). So I’m guessing the issue has to do with newest kernels or packages versions?
For @404_UsernameNotFound, I was on fresh installs all the times, no tlp, and Mint doesn’t even has power-profiles-daemon by default
I opened an issue with MSI, I’ll update with the response

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