Touchpad not detected

Hey! Im pretty new here so im sorry if this sounds like a dumb question. My laptop trackpad aint detected on KDE. Here
appear my touchpad drivers of course for windows, but ive got no idea how to get them for linux or how to make it work

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Can you please open a terminal and issue the following commands:

su -
<enter password for root>
hwinfo --mouse

and copy-paste the output here between CODE tags (use the # button just above the editing area) so that we understand what your hardware is like?
If nothing shows up, try:

hwinfo --reallyall

and look for anything similar to a pointing device and paste that section here.

First command wouldnt work. Second one lists around 70 devices (from which i could only read from 20 onwards, dont know why) and none looked similar to trackpad, touchpad or mouse, saw the keyboard, processor and pci devices but no mouse

Can you test with a Tumbleweed LiveDVD (or another distro with a recent kernel) to see if a newer kernel can recognize your device?

Yeah, Ill try that and let you know what happens

Doesnt work either. I must disclam tho its a fairly new laptop (ryzen 3000 series) and its been giving my issues with every single linux distro

Run the following commands and report back with the outout.

sudo ibinput list-devices
  • Note this command is part of ‘libinput-tools’ which may need to be installed first.
dmesg |egrep -i "i8042|input"
cat /proc/cmdline

nacho@nacho-Aspire-A515-43:~> sudo ibinput list-devices
[sudo] password for root:
sudo: ibinput: command not found
nacho@nacho-Aspire-A515-43:~> dmesg |egrep -i “i8042|input”
nacho@nacho-Aspire-A515-43:~> cat /proc/cmdline
BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-5.3.18-lp152.33-default root=UUID=be9761fa-2e8a-4976-87e2-92e18eb976e1 splash=silent resume=/dev/disk/by-uuid/1faab89c-c509-4c6c-bd49-04f5e16b23a1 mitigations=auto quiet
nacho@nacho-Aspire-A515-43:~> sudo ibinput list-devices
sudo: ibinput: command not found
nacho@nacho-Aspire-A515-43:~> sudo ibinput list.–devices
sudo: ibinput: command not found

that happened

An “l” remained in the keyboard of @deano_ferrari. The right command is:

sudo libinput list-devices

You may need to install libinput-tools first, by issuing:

sudo zypper install libinput-tools

Appeared with this.

Device: SYNA7DB5:01 06CB:CD41 Touchpad
Kernel: /dev/input/event3
Group: 10
Seat: seat0, default
Size: 103x75mm
Capabilities: pointer gesture
Tap-to-click: disabled
Tap-and-drag: enabled
Tap drag lock: disabled
Left-handed: disabled
Nat.scrolling: disabled
Middle emulation: disabled
Calibration: n/a
Scroll methods: *two-finger edge
Click methods: *button-areas clickfinger
Disable-w-typing: enabled
Accel profiles: none
Rotation: n/a

Also, just so I learn more about linux, what did the package i downloaded contain?

Please forgive my stupidness, after reading the disabled text i look in my keyboard and there was a trackpad lock button:shame: Still I appreciate all of your help, you trully helped out. Youll still see me around since im pretty new to linux and open suse wasnt as easy as I expected to begin with but im working my way around it :slight_smile:

Also I remember this trackpad being extremely annoying on windows now it works wonders :o

Nice to read you are up and running.
libinput-tools is a collection of utilities to show how input peripherals are seen by the system and are useful to diagnose and fix problems with such peripherals.
Please check

man libinput

and then

man libinput-list-devices

(or any other command listed in the libinput man page) to see the meaning of what you posted here.

Oh thats nice, im having issues with my display so that may come in handy, u may see me around in a bit hehehlol!

No, libinput-tools relates to input devices. For display information, tools such as hwinfo, lspci, and inxi come may be use for hardware identification

inxi -Gxx