Touch screen cursor problem when using two screens

Hi all. This is my first post here so forgive me if I get some of the standard protocol wrong.

I recently got a new HP Envy laptop and after some difficulty successfully installed Tumbleweed (there were problems with the wifi card and the graphics card initially).

The laptop has a touch screen which also has a stylus. The touch screen and stylus both work fine when the laptop is not plugged in to an external monitor
However, when it is plugged in to the external monitor, something goes wrong with the scaling of the touch screen. If I use either the stylus or a finger and click in the middle of the laptop screen, the cursor moves to the far left of the laptop screen. If I click on the far left of the laptop screen, then the cursor moves to the far left of the external monitor (which I have to the left of the laptop).

So when I try to click on something that I want on the laptop screen I have to guess how far over to press.

I have tried looking at xinput and xinput_calibrator to see if there is a way to tell the touch screen to ignore the external monitor. I could not figure out if that were possible but it did not seem so.

It is not a make or break issue, since the touch pad and the mouse both act as expected, but it does make the touch-screen pretty much useless whilst having an external monitor attached.

Many thanks in advance

From your description I’d guess the system is mapping your touch screen to both screens, as if it was a touchpad.

No idea how to fix it, thou.

Thanks, brunomcl
Yes that is exactly how it is behaving. I hope someone has an idea how to adjust it.

What’s your DE? If KDE, system-settings>input devices has options for touchpad settings. I don’t have a touch screen, but there must be a configuration somewhere. Gnome I don’t know, but it should have something similar.

Thanks Brunomcl.

Yes, I’m using KDE - Plasma. Unfortunately, though, when I looked at the touchpad settings, it only has settings for the actual touch pad and not for the touch screen.

I had another look at this and found an answer that works!

In case anyone else has the same problem, the answer I found is here:

Great, well done!