Totem & VLC just close

When ever I try to play a DVD both Totem and VLC just close.
I think I have all the plugins ( followed this The Perfect Desktop - OpenSUSE 11 (GNOME) | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials) installed and I am running openSUSE 11 x86_64
Any ideas?

Open a terminal window, type vlc and then try to launch a DVD.

It will output the error messages into this terminal, please copy paste the results here.

If you have this with compiz enabled (and also using an Intel graphics card) have a look here : Desktop Effects interfers with Video playback - openSUSE Forums

You probably only need to set the correct video output.

here is a screenshot of the terminal window:

Thanks for your help

Yap that was it thanks for your help:)