Toshiba Tecra M9 boot problem on battery power - openSuse 13.1

All right you linux sages…

I’ve searched through the forum here and can’t seem to find my same problem. I’m new to linux so please be kind.

I’ve worked out my lack of sound issues and the network issues so now to this boot problem.

I’m in a dual boot situation. openSuse 13.1 and Windows XP, and using KDE. If I boot with the power supply plugged in, no problems. I get to the linux login screen and go happily on my way.

If I boot on battery power I never get the login screen. I see hard drive activity (light blinking) for a bit and then nothing… The computer just sits there.

I have already turned off all the display effects because of other display issues (nvidia graphics).

Any thoughts or direction?

Bump… If I need to provide more information that might make it easier to help identify an issue, I’d be happy too. I’m definitely newbie.

My understanding is that the login screen that appears is controlled by the Desktop, KDE in my case. If KDE is not loading would that throw an error and be logged somewhere? Could I turn some logging on to try and catch any errors?

Is there a way to boot my machine in a mode that would be similar to running a program in de-bug mode?

Just thinking of options.

Will the machine boot into Windows XP on battery? If not, something in BIOS may be the problem. If XP boots on the battery, plug in and boot openSUSE. There should be a battery icon at the lower right of the screen. What battery level shows when you hold the mouse pointer on it? In Application Launcher, start Configure Desktop, and click “Power Management” in the Hardware section. In the “On Battery” tab, is any setting, like screen brightness, at a value that would cause the boot behavior? I may be way off base here, because it sounds like the issue occurs before KDE would be started.

The machine would boot on battery to XP. The battery icon showed that it was at 100% in KDE (when just off of charge) so that seemed ok to me.

It turns out your are right about the problem occuring before KDE would start.

Whenever I logged out I would nottice that threre were some error messages that were flashing on the screen before the screen shut off. That got me thinking that there was something wrong with the display driver. I had installed the noveau (sp?) driver, using Yast2. I unistalled it and rebooted my machine. Out of curiosity, instead of letting the machine boot into OpenSuse by itself, when the boot loader gave me my options (openSuse, XP , or advanced options with openSuse) I chose the advanced options. That gives me 4 different options to choose to boot from. I selected one that gave me a basic graphics implementation (everything on the screen was really large) and the machine would load KDE and the login screen would appear both on battery and plugged in.rotfl!

That got me thinking that it really was the graphics driver. After some reading to make an informed choice, I used Yast2 to install the nvidia driver, and perfecto! I now have real control of the graphics and the machine will startup completely on battery or when on the power supply. I wouldn’t think that it would have been that hard, but it is nice to actually have it working now. Still, it is better than using XP :slight_smile: