Toshiba SL755

Have a problem , after it says “preparing for initial boot” the screen goes blank but the keyboard is working , no terminal modes work. So I restart the system and then I switch to the 2nd terminal and there I see a problem with the Ethernet (It is an Atheros WiFi and wired card) , anyone faced this problem. and the system does not go forward. Well yesterday the installation worked like a charm but Win 7 got a bootmgr error , so i had to reinstall suse and this is the third install since evening and still the same issue.

PLEASE NOTE WIN 7 HAS BEEN REMOVED SO THE INSTALL WAS AUTO. I will put win 7 back later after I check the performance of suse on this system, It will be a dual boot. My home desktop is on a dual and works perfectly, but I need suse also on the laptop as I need to have it in hand if I need to configure and check things for my clients before implementing on the live servers.

Any help would be highly appreciated. It’s been too long since my linux installations and support so I have forgotten quite a bit.

No I have not seen that problem on a desktop with an atheros wifi.

Your description of the error message is pretty slim. Can you write it down ? Or take a pix of the error with a digital camera and post it.

Did you try to disable modesetting to see if it boots with kernel mode setting disabled?

You can do that by booting with the boot code ‘nomodeset’.

Also, some advice, a problem entitled ‘Toshiba SL755’ is not very descriptive. If this is a wireless problem, then that subject title is not likely to catch the attention of our wireless experts. The odds of you discovering an SL755 expert is significantly smaller. So perhaps next time when making a post, it may be better for your thread title to be more descriptive of the problem as opposed to two word statement of the laptop model.

Good luck.

Oops ya the thread title is wrong.

I am trying with nomodeset