Torrents downloading

Is it possible using torrent client without uPnp plugin, port forwarding, and etc.? Opening ports is not good.
But nothing downloads it seems. Does uTorrent handle this problem or it’s better not to launch it in Wine?

From time to time, I download a linux iso using “ktorrent”. Most recent was KaOS-2018:01

I have not run into any problems with this. I have not done anything special on my network. As far as I know, my home router does not support upnp.

uPnP may be required for your networking setup. If you know uPnP is not required for basic networking you can leave that unconfigured or disabled.

Opening a port for your torrent application isn’t absolutely necessary, but it signals that you are only leeching and don’t want to be available for seeding… So, most torrent apps will downgrade your priority considering you a selfish “bad citizen.” That said, if you wait long enough some peers can still be willing to transfer to you with no port open, but the connection will have to be initiated by you and not the remote peer.


Thanks guys. At least, good that it’s not needed.

I guess that I’m exactly “that” user, I download only and seed while downloading. There’s another strange problem that tracker cannot be contacted, but opens through browser so it’s not blocked by ISP. I’ll give it a try and wait for a long period of time.

See here:
Now in version 2.56 (I am using 2.53) It is fast, easy to install and configure. Allows to paste many, many trackers so to prevent adding each instance of use. This gives option of ‘default’ trackers to add no matter if only a few are associated with your current torrent. Also provides for block-by-country (very important!) Opens random or fixed port (software only/not firewall) according to your preference. In use here for about 6-7 years with only minor hiccups about 5 yrs. ago.