Torrent downloader install/setup

I’m pretty new to Linux. Actually today is my third day to have it installed on my personal computer. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to install/setup Azeurus torrent downloader. I have successfully downloaded it and have it on my desktop still in the .tar file.

Better install from the repo in Yast
Software Management

It’s Vuze now

I use the one from Packman

You will need to forward ports in your firewall and router if you use one

Give ktorrent a try as well.U will be amazed.

+1 to ktorrent. I used to use azureus till ktorrent was released. Now I use it exclusively.

Most of the stuff you need to install can be gotten from yast software manager. If you’re using kde, you’ll find yast and a direct link to the software installer under the kmenu > computer (not sure where it’s located in gnome but I’m sure it’s easy to find). When you have the software manager open, you can type in the name of the software and install it from there.

I too am a recent convert to KTorrent (I actually started off using it in GNOME, and just recently switched entirely to KDE). If you have KDE installed, even if it isn’t the default, you should have KTorrent (and, as I said, it works just fine even in GNOME).