torify lynx

i m running suse 11.3 and i use tor (vidalia) with firefox 3.6.16.

i d like to rather use tor with lynx, and even though there is some info around, it doesn t seem to work for me perhaps coz i don t understand the principles well enough :expressionless:
who has lynx torified w/out using a proxy to connect to the internet?

i don’t use lynx so i could not give you step by step, but you have two options.

if lynx supports the use of a socks proxy through it’s configuration you can direct it to use the local tor proxy port (9050 is the default), but this will most likely still leak DNS lookups unless lynx supports socks 4a.

the other option is to use the torsocks package (available in the packman repo, i believe) which installs some tools to direct the outbound requests via tor. Once torsocks is installed you simply start lynx with “usewithtor lynx” if “lynx” is the command to start it :slight_smile:

there are limitations to using torsocks, i suggest you read up on it.

thank you, i installed torsocks and it works (still have to read up on the limitations, though). it works if started with

torsocks lynx -noreferer

it works, but i get an error message in the console:

12:50:08 libtorsocks(6820): The symbol res_querydomain() was not found in any shared library. The error reported was: not found!

to make sure future readers know what to do: lynx being a command line program, one has to add the path to the tsocks.conf to the shell:

so from a directory in my user folder i have to point it back to /etc, hence:

export PATH