Tomcat6 on openSuse 10.3


I’m new to the linux world and I’m trying to install tomcat 6 on openSUSE 10.3 using Yast2. Unfortunatley, it’s not available in the listed repositories. So i found da “factory” repository, in which it is included:

Index of /factory/repo/oss

Then I foudn it in the available package list and tried to install it. but in each package and dependency there appears a ‘bad magic’ error with no additional information.

I guess, they changed RPM-structure to a newer version, so 10.3 cannot handle this.

Is there any way to get a tomcat 6 running on my 10.3?


Provided that repository is suitable for 10.3, sometimes they have specific subdirectories for each release, the first step is to update the rpm program to one that understands the LZMA compression format. Unfortunately I can’t tell you how this is done since I don’t have any 10.3 installations anymore.

i guess that’s the problem, this repo is just not suitable for 10.3… and unfortunatly, there aren’t any subdirectories for 10.3 release.

So I have to update my RPm itself? Or is there any repo which is suitable for 10.3 and includes tomcat 6?

Well you could always install tomcat6 from the packages at the tomcat website. It would be then be outside of the openSUSE packaging system.