Titles, Rank, and post counters

Hi Everyone,

This isn’t exactly earth shattering news, but if you’ve been paying attention to this sort of thing, we had some community input about lightening up the feel of our community with some different titles and rank indicators. A poll was taken and based on that input, we’ve made some changes.

I need to preface this by reminding everyone that post count is more an indication of too much time on someone’s hands than an indication of technical expertise :slight_smile: Someone that likes to tell stories in the community section gets just as much title/rank credit as someone who posts a lot of good technical answers in the help section.

For those of you who are interested in what it takes to “earn” the next title & rank, here’s the breakdown:

Puzzled Penguin 0
Student Penguin 50
Explorer Penguin 100
Busy Penguin 250
Parent Penguin 500
Wise Penguin 1000
Omniscient Penguin 2000

These titles will be changed out from time to time just to keep things interesting. Thanks to everyone that gave input, and even if you didn’t, you’re here so thanks for participating in our community! It’s been exciting to see the forum community grow since our opening in early June.

Ok…move along…nothing more to see here. :wink:

So when do I get to be global mod?

As soon as I get declared Empress of Mankind.

> As soon as I get declared Empress of Mankind.

that was announced in the latest SUSE-News, did you miss it???