Thunderbird Printing Problem and pdf.

I have been having real problems with Thunderbird recently which is now trying to do my thinking for me!

When I get a document attachment in email I used to be able to open the document and select which application I used to do this. For a pdf I used to open it with Okular, from which I could print if required.
Now when I try and open a pdf document Thunderbird opens a new window with the pdf opened and a printer icon in the top right seductively asking me to print.
This then gives me an error popup telling me the PDF is not fully loaded for printing and if I accept I get half of the image.

Three questions.
How may I prevent T’bird from opening up a new window without giving me any options.

How may I achieve more quickly than saving as and then going to the file in Dolphin, finding the file and opening it in Okular so I can print.

Should I change my email client to something simpler which is reliable?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Settings -> General -> Files & Attachments -> (Content Type PDF) - Action

And select what TB should do.

Hi Paul,
Many thanks for rescuing me. So many options these days with little time to investigate and discover. It seems the defaults or what I had been used to changed with the upgrades.
Thanks again,