Thunderbird: how to change QUPZILLA back to FIREFOX?

(And how did my default of Firefox get switched out from underneath me?)

What is QupZilla, never heard of it, is it malware?

There’s actually no setting that I can find to make Firefox the default again for clicking links in email. Talk about a royal PITA to have to copy / paste every link. I am not entering all my site passwords into a second browser. Google search amazingly hasn’t resulted in a solution, only other people frustrated with changing it also. What is the vested interest here in holding people hostage to a browser chosen by someone else.

What desktop??

in KDE

Settings - System settings - Default application - Web Browser

I’m running Thunderbird under Cinnamon in a VNC session 2000 miles from home. The setting isn’t controlled by Thunderbird?

I have to launch each window manager I might use and configure Thunderbird’s browser for each? Or there’s no independent setting for Thunderbird?

This is the fastest way I could find to cure the insanity:

cd /usr/bin
mv qupzilla qupzilla.old
ln -s firefox qupzilla

How do regular users ever manage to switch browsers?

What does Thunderbrid have to do with it??

open Firefox directly (note if not installed install it) it should ask if you want it to be default. If not go to FireFox preferences and check the box to check if it is default

That worked. Too much integration. That’s a crapp methodology. That’s like Brainf*ck’s “comefrom” idiom.

What does Thunderbird have to do with it? I’m clicking the link in Thunderbird, and couldn’t find its html handler specified anywhere, that’s what. If it’s going to be this user-unfriendly, we might as well run Windows, where all choices are just made for the user.

So the concept is that you can’t have two different programs that pop up two different browsers then? We’re back to multiple user accounts to achieve such advanced functionality I guess. I’m sure somewhere in Thunderbird, there is a way to manually specify the browser.

ThunderBrid is a mail client FireFox is a web browse. Yes both come from Mozilla But two different programs. Don’t run Cinnamon and I don’t quite understand your rant so will leave it there.


If you can not stick to a technical discussion here in he technical help forums and have to mix in ranting remarks into every other sentence, you better do not post here. Most members here are not willing to have to search for the technical facts and are thus likely to skip your thread.

Also, by ranting many people are coming near the borders of what is allowed in the T&C of these forums.