Thunderbird does not open links in Firefox

After upgrading my TB to 5.0 it does not open links in Firefox anymore.
I have check all my settings and they seem to be fine. Firefox is default browser, clicking a link should open a new tab in Firefox
but id does not work.
What happens is that when I click a link it starts/opens Firefox but with empty address bar.
I need to manually copy link location and paste it manually in Firefox.

What to do to fix it?

Sounds like it might be a bug
I’m still with v3

I have Firefox 5.0 and Tbird 5.0 running on 11.4/KDE 4.7

Tbird Links open fine in Firefox, so it must be a setting on your system or some other dependency; I’m not sure where to look.

For me it also looks like a bug - I have noticed a lot ‘noise’ on this issue.

I’m on TB5 and it works for me. Clicking on a link with the right button pops up a menu the top item of which is open link in browser. Probably a missetting in your config. You might want to search Mozilla’s knowledge base.

For me, a tap on the touchpad (usually associated with a left click) opens directly; right click brings up the menu Ken_yap mentions and also works.

There are no problems with right-left-click menus - they work.
It even starts Firefox.
The problem is is that is does not open clicked address, Firefox starts with empty address bar. Always. I have reset it many times, the same.

Maybe try this suggestion to reset the config:

Mozilla Thunderbird 5.0 Email Client Released