Thunderbird as Default Application for opening .EML files

Running openSUSE 13.2 and Gnome 3.14 (x86_64) and have Thunderbird set up as my default email application.
But if I save an email File from Thunderbird and next dual-click on the .eml file i Gnome Files, it tries to open by default with Evolution which is not set up.

Right click on the .eml file brings up the context menu that confirms on top “Open with Evolution”,
Selecting Open with > Thunderbird works however.

I have also looked on the following files

and manually edited and changed ‘evolution’ to ‘thunderbird’ in the latter, which didn’t change this behavior.

So where to change this .EML file association so that it will be opened default in Thunderbird, preferably with a gui tool?


I have also tried to remove the ‘evolution’ and ‘Evolution’ packages with zypper (not the ‘evolution-data-server’ because of many other dependices)
and I also renamed ~/.gconf/apps/evolution.

Now, gedit instead has suddenly become the default app that loads when I try to open .eml files.

That is, something happened, but not what I really wanted.

The question is therefore yet: how to configure Thunderbird to the default app that opens .eml files?


One way might be to select ‘Properties’ > ‘Open With’ of a .eml file with Nautilus. From there, it is possible to set the 'Default Application. I think mimeapps.list is the file you want to eamine. If you want to get your hands dirty with config files, then read the following

I’m not really a gnome user (I don’t even have it installed) but I do remember that a lot of settings could be changed with the gconf-editor, also I believe there was an option in nautilus for setting the default apps for certain actions/file types in Gnome, see nautilus’s preferences.

See mozilla’s thoughts on the matter

Thank you, that works great! So easy and yet so difficult to find :wink:

I’m not quite sure, but I think this isn’t really valid longer or updated to Gnome 3.x (?)


Glad to have been of help :slight_smile: