Thunderbird and openSUSE forum - How to post images please?

I have been using openSUSE for many years and Thunderbird has been my preferred browser but never have I been able to cut and paste a screenshot image into a post when using the Insert Image button.

Is there a switch to enable this function to work which I have missed please. I know I can upload images to susepaste but this is very inconvenient and slow for simple screenshot. I note that the default even when logged into the forum says I not post attachments.

Please can somebody help me with this because apparently some people can make it work.

You have an incorrect idea about how this should work. When using the Insert Image button, it asks for a URL of the image. And the URL should of course point to the image that should be reachable somewhere on the internet. You can not copy/paste the image in there in the hope that it miraculously is stored somewhere on the internet and that the the URL of that place is then inserted.

You have to store the image yourself. And the place preferred by many here (because they do not trust commercial sites) is You can then either post the URL of the image in the Insert Image button, or use the URL of the page with the Link button.

This has nothing to do with what browser you use.

There are two options I see From Computer and From URL?

I only see “From URL” :\

Thunderbird is an email app; not a web browser.

You can copy/paste both text and images into the body of the email from the clipboard. As an attachment by selecting “attach” on the top menu bar, you can add a file or a web page to the email you are sending.

tom kosvic

Then what has the OPs question (posting in the openSUSE forums) to do with Thunderbird when it is an e-mail application?


Sorry I meant Firefox was the problem. Never had a problem with T’bird.
In Firefox I am never offered an option “From Computer” which is what I want.
How is it that Malcom’s system does offer this?

Hmmm, have no idea… maybe only Forum Staff can upload…

Use SUSE Paste

The URL was;

Thank you Henk for pointing out susepaste. I am sorry you think I have an incorrect idea. I know about susepaste but had hoped to be able to do what Malcolm had suggested as it would be quicker and simpler.

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