Thunderbird 60.5.0-83.1

Yesterday, I could no longer edit entries in the address book. After replacing the profile from a backup, the entries still could not be edited. I dropped back from v. 60.5.0-83.1 to v. 60.3.0-80.1 and now the address book is working properly. The update to -5.0 was announced on Feb. 14th.

LEAP 42.3 KDE, TB 60.5.0-83.1 64bit. No problem editing address book entries here. Only thing I can think of is different permissions on the backup files - but then this would also happen with the previous TB version…

Try creating a new profile (or user) and see if you still have the problem.

As stated in my initial post, I used a working backup of the profile - the profile is not at fault.

To be certain that my initial installation of v. 60.5- wasn’t the source of the error, I reloaded 60.5 and the error re-appeared - could not edit a contact and save with the edit. Re-installed 60.3 and now it’s working again.

More to the point of my previous response, by substituting a complete profile in place of the existing one where the inability to edit was first encountered, I have effectively created a “new” profile. After I found that the immediately-preceding version of Thunderbird allowed me to edit contacts in the address book, I then moved the latest profile back into place and it too functioned properly with v. 60.3.0-.

If there was an issue with either the earlier or current profile, the address book should not have functioned in v. 60.30-. The only difference I can think of at this point is a dependency file that itself is not functioning correctly, although at a quick but not comprehensive review of the dependencies appears shows substantial overlap between the two versions.

I also posted the observation on the Mozilla Bugzilla site.

But not an empty one, hence the suggestion of also trying a new user. But if it’s working for you now that’s OK.

Yes, it is working, but as I have stated several times - only with version 60.3.0-. With respect, I don’t see how a new profile would cause version 60.5.0- to function properly.

To further test whether the address book error is limited to the installation on the one workstation, I attempted to create and save new entries in fresh Thunderbird installations on two other machines - both running the same OS - Leap 42.3.

Same behavior - version 60.5.0- (the most recent release) fails; version 60.3.0- works.

I just received a response from Mozilla Bugzilla; others have experienced this issue. See comment 3 of Jorg K in:

The address book error has been resolved, with the release of v. 60.5.1 ( I am now able to create new address book contacts and edit them as well.

Mozilla revised v. 60.5.0 in response to an an earlier bug report (; the initial report (“description”) outlines the source of the error, which resulted from an uncaught JavaScript exception. In response to my bug report, the developers stated that the errors I encountered would be addressed in the revised software (; see comments 10-13).