Thunar video thumbnails

Has anyone got video thumbnail previews working for Thunar under LEAP 42.3?

I have enabled the packman repo and installed ffmpeg and ffmpegthumbnailer plus tumbler is also installed. I have also set Thumbnails to ‘Always’ show under the thunar Prefs but I still don’t get any video preview icons.

I’m sure that under other distros, installing tumbler installs an actual binary that can be run from the terminal whereas under opensuse the tumbler package only seems to include a library. This may explain why its not working?

Thunar is my file manager of choice but if anyone has video thumbnails working under Caja or Nemo, please let me know how!

I have tried manually launching tumblerd from the terminal by running:


before opening Thunar but it hasn’t helped.

I should mention that I’m running MATE, not XFCE. I prefer Thunar to Caja.

It turns out that tumblerd is both outdated and broken under LEAP 42.3, hence (video) thumbnails don’t work under Thunar/XFCE. Sadly that is a showstopper for me.

This bug has already been reported:

I am using xfce not MATE on Tumbleweed and Leap 42.3
Thunar is my filemanager also.
I have video thumbnails in thunar here

I am also using 42.3 and XFCE.
My system repositories are set to Packman.
I use Thunar/Tumbler
My video thumbnails are also broken.
I frequently have this problem when updating Opensuse versions.
PCFileMan thumbnails seem to work.

That should read PCManFM.