Thunar default directory

Thunar opens in the users’s home directory. Is it possible to have it start in another directory?

Thanks in advance.

I guess you could always create/edit a .desktop file with an explicit path set. For example

thunar /home/joe/Documents

You could drag it from your menu and add it to your panel (aka “tray”).

Then, you can right-click it and choose Properties.

In there, click on the pencil-and-paper icon near bottom right to edit.

At Working Directory, you can either enter a path, or maybe more easily, click on the Folder icon to the right of it and browse to the desired directory.

Save and Close.

Now, when you click on that icon in the panel, it will open to that directory.

Many thanks to both of you. That was simple solution.

Note that you could put two or three of those icons in the tray, and using the method I gave you, have each of those open to a different location of your own choosing by default.