those lines of links above

Hey guys, can someone separate the two lines above. When I try to click in some subforum link (second line) I usually click on some link (calendar Community…) in the first line because is too close.

I’m not seeing a problem.

1: What browser are you using?

2: What theme are you using?

3: Is this a desktop computer, laptop or a mobile device?

In my case, I’m using a desktop computer, though it should be the same on a laptop. I’m using “Basic Green” as the theme. I can see that near the bottom of the screen. I am currently writing this reply with “konqueror” browser.

The default theme, if I remember correctly, is “openSUSE-CMS”. I changed to “Basic Green” several years ago because the top lines were too crowed with the default theme and “konqueror” (but they were fine with “firefox”).

Hi. Well is not a big problem but you can see how close the lines are, then when I try to click on the second line the cursor easily goes to the upper area and even moving down it still afecting the upper line and need to move that down to reach the links below:

I know it’s not a big deal… but it’s annoying and very easy to fix just letting some extra space. No harming ;). Of course if I can change anything here please tell me because I didn’t change anything from default and only is happening to me in your forum.

It is VBulletin software. We can not change much there.

And please use for uploaded images. Not all people trust commercial sites.

Ok. I guess it is in the rules but I didn’t read them. Actually I didn’t see that link to forum rules. Has to be in the FAQ.
You see the click zone of each line are different then is easier to click in the upper one apart from the small separation between them:

I am a little bit stubborn, maybe I notice to the VBulletin people (oh no, another site registration :’(). And, as this is an useless thread, I would like it to be deleted.

In the era of technology, we have webpages full of videos or whatever and you can’t separate 2 lines? oh wait, here down I see in the bookmarks all those links nicely separated.
I remember the old “fight” between propeitary soft and free software, and the main argument in pro of the free software about freedom etc. And here we are in 2022 in a forum of a well known linux distribution, just to separate 2 lines in order to make the user experience less (or absolutely not) annoying is not possible.

Why vBulletin?Let’s be clear from the start—vBulletin does far more than build a discussion area. vBulletin is a complete solution to the community needs of website owners. It’s a commercial product (as opposed to a free product), which perhaps rules it out for the smaller, more low-key websites. (Although if they have an eye to future growth, then they might do well in choosing a product that will grow with them right from the start.)

Let’s be clear: I think too much?.

The expected answer from VBulletin:

"That's an issue with custom code added on that forum - you will need to highlight this issue to their Admin team."

Even if I increase the font size the lines still being very close. Hope is not much change to separate a little those lines and delete this htread.

I assume you have read the sticky thread at the head of this sub-forum?

Apart from the fact that it seems only to be you that can not hit what you want to hit. Nobody came to your support. Personally I hit New Posts many times of the day and I never miss.

Hi. You can assume i didn’t read it :shame:, but I will. Sorry.
I described the problem with pictures, so I guess I can’t do anything else to prove it’s happening but you know, it’s not that important to keep pushing.
Thanks anyway, and delete the thread because useless please, if no rule against it.