Thinkpad Z61p volume keys not working rightl in 12.3, worked in 12.2

Hi all,

My Thinkpad Z61p’s volume keys aren’t working quite properly: in 12.2, they worked as expected, with an on-screen popup that showed the volume percent. Now, they still work, but there is no on-screen display anymore. There is not one for brightness, either. Originally I upgraded from 12.2 to 12.3 and it worked fine, but I decided to do a fresh install of 12.3. Any thoughts?

Thank you for your help!

I have the same problem with stinkpad T43. :frowning:

While waiting for one of our Thinkpad users to chime in here, I note this thinkwiki page on the thinkpad : How to get special keys to work - ThinkWiki where for volume controls it references KMilo being needed. I believe in openSUSE-12.3 KDE4 that application comes with the package kdeutils3-laptop (?) . If not installed, it may be worth installing to see if it helps.

I have a ThinkPad SL510 (there are differences with other models). Volume buttons for up/down work on both 12.2 and 12.3 with on-screen popup. Brightness Fn+ keys work on 12.2. & 12.3, but no popup on 12.3 (can’t check 12.2 till much later).

Correct support relies on thinkpad_acpi module and kernel, and that is working for the buttons and keys at least. I’m wondering if this might be an issue wrt to 12.3 and other acpi support modules, e.g. acpi_video if you have a supported integrated graphics device.

It will also install kde3 libraries, qt3, and other stuff since it’s an old kde3 utility.

You probably don’t have integrated graphics device on Z61p, ATI card? Any other graphics related issues with 12.3 and your graphics driver?

Have now checked my 12.2 - Brightness Fn+ keys work on 12.2 with on-screen popup, so there is an issue with 12.3 (KDE 4.10.2 here). Sorry for the delay. :slight_smile: