Thinkpad t480s external monitor

Hello everybody!

I have thinkpad t480s with 2k screen and set up DPI 192 to make things bigger. Internal screen works smooth, every element is sharp, no blur effect etc.

Have connected external monitor samsung s22e200 1080p monitor.
Of course everything became too big on external one cause of 192 dpi.

I used the following command, the best I can do right now by myself:

xrandr --output DP2 --scale 1.8x1.8 --mode 1920x1080

External monitor now usable but text and some elements are blurry. I checked same mon on win 10, no big differents for elements but text…

Well to make long story short, what is the right way to adjust external monitor to make it showing text at its best?

Maybe I just did somethings worng or missed some option and missed some parameter becase obviously cannot know everything in the world =)

Need your help guys!