Thin Client Installation?

Does anyone know if it is possible to install OpenSUSE on an HP Thin Client? What I am ultimately looking to do is install OpenSUSE and MythTV front end on a Thin Client and have it wirelessly connect back to my Myth back end for watching recordings, and all of the other fun things that can be done. I know some thin clients come with Debian already installed, but I’m a SUSE fan and would like to stick with the build that I’m most familiar with.

So far in my investigating this it looks like I will need a thin client with an expansion slot and card to connect to the TV. Some thin clients come with built in Wi-Fi, but I have “reconfigured” a Windows based client at work to be WiFi by adding a USB module, and I am hoping to find something similar to do the same thing for a remote control. I know it is quite an endeavor, but I’m hoping to have some fun and learn a thing or two while trying to get this working.

Don’t know whether you will be able to adapt Education/Live - openSUSE to your needs; it comes with LTSP.