Themes etc. on KDE 3.X


I’m rather new to this forum, but i think I can dare myself to make an Thread.

Like many people before me, I want to customize the look of KDE ( a little bit). The setup is nearly complete, but there are two things I couldn’t solve.

First I need to change the button-background. Therefore I need to know the Location, where the button-background pictures are saved so I can put mine inside.

Second I wanted to install an Splash-Screen but I need a module called Moodin. I looked everywhere for it and discovered, that this is an package called: ksplash-engine-moodin.
(The programm ksplash should be already installed on OS 11, shouldn’t it)


If you are running KDE 3.x and are talking about the kicker main menu button the images are here:


If you are not using the default suse menu image then it is simply pulled from whatever icon theme you happen to be importing.


exaclty the things I’am searching for are in the folder “tiles”. But by the way, I am able to change this chameleon?

So only the splash screen(Moodin) is left.

If you have no other *.mng files to replace the image with then right-click on the chameleon and switch to the KDE menu style. That should inherit the kmenu png file from your icon set. But of course this will also change the entire main menu structure.

Oh, ok, thats too risky for me. Do you know anything about this “Moodin” thing?


Did you install the moodin pkg you spoke of earlier?

No. I’ve found one or two rpm-packages, but I cannot install them. Also there is no more package in the Suse-repo, which was mentioned in serval forums.