The title says it all "Wake up little SUSE"

A good article from the Internet.

Novell’s open source legacy – wake up, little SuSE - The H Open Source: News and Features

IMHO that article on openSUSE/Novell is just rehashing some recent and a LOT of old history.

When it comes to questioning the direction of GNU/Linux distributions, I would much rather see an article exploring the implications of Red Hat obfuscating the content of their patches in the kernel, which is philosophically contrary to the GPL and IMHO should drive creation of a GPL4. ie:

IMHO what we have seen is Novell/SuSE vilification by Microsoft haters, and a blindness by the same haters toward the far more serious recent Red Hat actions.

When ever I see hate for SUSE I try and “follow the money” it’s usually the same bunch that always are tearing things down without building anything up as a replacement or willful blindness to reality.

I think SUSE going back to Germany and being run from there is a good thing. Not much good comes out of Utah IMO although NOVEL tried.

Obfuscated code is nothing. How about Redhat paying off patent trolls?

I am still waiting on the openSUSE foundation but I have heard and seen nothing recently.

Journalism should be factual, if we stripe the historical facts from that article we get only bollocks and conspiracy theories… If we face it as ‘opinion making’, I give it the credibility I usually give to such articles, zero!

Either way, people have families to feed and mortgages to pay, so they have to do something…

PS: This is a personal opinion, you are entitled not to like it or support it, but it’s clearly my vision of the things…

This “article” just digs out old stories and also current stories which are a completely different topic, as for ex. “Oracle and Openoffice” and bring it to a relation with Novell and Suse… to prove that Suse is a looser… the only one-word-description I have for this kind of “article” does not comply with the board and forum rules :wink:

speaking of “wake up little Suse”: yes… Suse NEEDS to wake up!! The problem is that in all the press, blogs and News, Suse is next to none existant. Yeah, now there were two short news: the strategy is ste out for voteing. And the Medical Distro is renewed…

How many news were created for Ubuntu and Fedora in the same time? How many “tests” were done to openSUSE and in comparison with Ubuntu and Fedora?
Little Suse needs attention, without attention, there is no reception and so no curious users will ever take the step to it…
Without news, the reception will be: “lame”, “nothing ever happens with them” “do they still exist?” and I mean, there is such a lot of awesome stuff with SUSE - ready to be discovered by the masses. It just needs to be talked about…

My intention was not to **** people off with this link. I found it informative. It’s and a different view point from what I usually have seen.

Yes. I hardly ever see openSUSE mentioned very much in online media. When given the chance I let people know it’s what I am using.